What People Say About Air Plus Travel

Classic Greece and Turkey Cruise and Tour

Greece and Turkey

Travel Period: October 25 - November 6, 2022

I want to share my most unforgettable, happiest, no stress and all the most superlative descriptions to this travel. My name is Fleri Cruz they call me Eda from Daly City. This is my second time traveling with Air Plus, first time was Holy Land and Dubai. I have traveled so many places and joined Pilgrimages in my life but AirPlus always gets the first top spot. Mindy will be doting caring mother to eveyone, making sure that all is accounted for and help is always there. Emil is a cool smart husband who handles smooth line of process for his passengers all the way. See, my case differs from rest. I fly from SF and meets them to whatever country we first stop, this is a thrill! I travel by myself but this year I asked a friend to join. I haven't completed the voyage yet and I'm already telling the group to get on board for the next. I should be a PR person, right? But because traveling with Air Plus is lifetime investment and they're cheap compares to some travel companies. Traveling with AirPlus is first class all the time, all the way money spent wise. 2022 Greece Cruise was spectacular!!All land tours amazing!!No regrets for me. Also I was the favorite one, right Mindy?? Hahaha🐝Love love adventures with this company.

Flerida Cruz
Daly City, California

A Touch of Central Europe

Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic
Travel Period: September 26 - October 6, 2019

The best thing about group tours is that it is affordable & you don't have to worry about places to see, transportation or hotel accommodations. For the last 6 years I joined group tour in pilgrimages or vacation trips and this recent trip in Central Europe with Air Plus Travel has been the best one I ever took. Compared to other group tours, this time with Emil Perito's group I enjoyed the selection of hotels not to mention the all you can eat breakfast and well served dinner dishes. His choice of tour guides is admirable as they are professionals & knowleageable about history & the culture of each country. The various places we saw are truly awesome & remarkable like going ack in time yet emotionally refreshing & education. And the best part about this trip for meet is the opportunity to meet new friends which I hope to see again in future tours through Air Plus Travel. Thank you Emil for this amazing journey. Until next time:....

Linda Zarate
Los Angeles, CA

A Touch of Central Europe

Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic

Travel Period: September 26 - October 6, 2019

I just came back from a Central Europe tour and it was awesome. The owner of the company travels with us to see that everything is being taken care of as expected. I recommend you travel with Air Plus Travel in your next vacation. You'll have no regrets.

Tina Bantigue

Porter Ranch, CA

The Promised Land in the Bible

Egypt, Jordan, and Holy Land

Travel Period: March 30 - April 11, 2019

Hi Mrs. Perito, just to let you know this Holy Land trip was my most memorable one and will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you and hopefully, I can join again in one of your trips. I've been recommending your travel agency.

Victoria D

Glendale, CA

The Promised Land In The Bible

Egypt, Jordan, and Holy Land

Travel Period: March 30 - April 11, 2019

An awesome tour! A trip worthy to include in every Christian’s bucket list. Highly recommended. Tour guides were knowledgeable, respectful and entertaining. Hotel accommodations were adequate. Thank you Emil and Mindy!

Ferdie Eugenio Nunez 

Los Angeles. CA

Christmas in the Holy Land

Travel Period: December 27, 2018 - January 3, 2019

Our family and I requested Air Plus Travel's assistance on our first pilgrimage/travel to Israel last Dec. 27, 2018 to Jan 3, 2019. We are very pleased with our experience with the company. Emil was there in the airport when we leave, and we were accompanies by his son-in-law, Ralph during the entire trip to assist us. We were greeted at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv by our guide when we arrived. The hotels were we stayed were excellent, and the transportation (bus) almost brand new and our driver was very polite and cautious. We will definitely use and recommend Air Plus Travel in our future travel needs.

Thank you Air Plus Travel!

From: Espino, Dacutanan & Mangaliag family

Seattle, WA

Holy Land, Jordan, and Dubai Pilgrimage

Travel Period: October 5 - 16, 2018

Emil, I truly appreciate you convincing me to join Air Plus October 2018 tour to the Holy Land, Petra and Dubai. It was an amazing and memorable experience that I will forever cherish. I was not much of a tour fan until this trip. I saw the wisdom in joining a well organized tour. Of course, there were a few hitches but for me that's the excitement of every tour. I enjoined meeting great people. Congratulations on a fine job. You got my full support! Your knowledge and experience in the industry really helps. I look forward to more travel, with Air Plus Travel as the travel consultant!

Ignacio O

Bellflower, California

Holy Land, Jordan, and Dubai Pilgrimage

Travel Period: October 5 - 16, 2018

A Dream Itinerary
With this trip, I was able to follow in the footsteps of our savior, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Land; be stunned by one of the 7 man-made wonders of the world in Petra, Jordan; and gasp at the richness of Dubai with its modern, towering buildings and mind boggling treasures of the gold souk. I have one word to describe this journey: AMAZING!!
Thank you Emil, for organizing this trip. Here's to more incredible journeys with you and Air Plus Travel!

Solita K.
San Dimas, California

Holy Land, Jordan, and Dubai Pilgrimage

Travel Period: October 5 - 16, 2018

Just finished the Holy Land Pilgrimage in Jordan, Israel and Dubai. Our tour guides are amazing. My wife and I, are so blessed to be part of this group on tour. Our tour guides are knowledgeable. We’re so happy were on this tour , it was 12 days of action. We saw so much in a short period of time. We made lots of new friends which was a treat. I would highly recommend Air Plus Travel Company to travel with and I hope to do another tour next Oct/ 2019.

Danny T

Cerritos, California

Lisbon, Seville & Madrid

Globus & Cosmos

Travel Period: July 05-27, 2018

My husband and I just came back from an 8 days tour to Spain and Portugal. It was fun and we enjoyed the trip. Thanks to Emil from Air Plus Travel. Given a short notice to make the travel plan, he made it possible. I couldn't even imagine doing all the bookings on my own. Emil has an extensive experience in the travel industry. He was prompt, honest and very resourceful. We were happy with our hotel accommodations and overall travel arrangement that fit our budget. This was our 2nd trip he arranged for us and we are looking forward to help us on our next trip. I highly recommend Emil or Air Plus Travel because he was easy and will find you the best deal you ask for.

Cristy E.

Garden Grove, California

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Travel Period: March 23-30, 2018

I joined a group for a trip to Holy Land recently and was arranged and managed by Air Plus Travel based in Santa Fe Springs, CA. This company is superb, very organized, detailed and thorough. At the start, the owner himself explained the tour package, payment option and is always accommodating in answering your questions. All payments made were all accounted for followed with receipts. A month or so before the trip, itinerary was already sent with airplane reservation accompanied with a checklist of things to bring for the trip. Feeling excited of course when the actual day comes, the owner and his wife met us at the airport to welcome us. To make the group feel better, his wife came with us as our guide and escort. When we arrived at Tel Aviv airport, we were met by a local escort and guide and tour bus. Hotel accommodation was very good and visited all the places listed on the itinerary. Our guide was very informative and knowledgeable of all the places we visited and the tour bus driver kept us safe and sound. I would highly recommend Air Plus Travel for any travel plans based on my personal experience and wouldn't hesitate joining another tour packages he has in the future. Overall rating is 5 star.

Aida V.

Stockton, California

April 4, 2018

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Travel Period: March 23-30, 2018

We just arrived from our Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour and we the entire group were very happy that Air Plus Travel did an excellent service for our trip. We the entire group totally recommend Air Plus Travel and it's guaranteed you'll be very satisfied with their travel services. A job well done Emil! from

Art P.

Murrietta, California

April 3, 2018

Holy Land Pilgrimage

March 23-30, 2018

I have been on trips to Ireland, italy, France, Portugal, and Spain before traveling with Air Plus Travel to Israel. The Customer Service of the Travel Agent was the best!! The experience of being with a great group of people in Israel gave me memories i will cherish the rest of my life.

Jane H.

Portland, Oregon

April 2, 2018

Cancun, Mexico

May 2015

In May of 2015, me, my wife and son went to Cancun, Mexico for a five day trip to attend the wedding of a cousin. We stayed at Grand Caribe Resort. It was wonderful wedding and a grand vacation for my family. Not to mention less, everything went smoothly despite of the fact that we made our arrangement on a last minute. This could have not happen without the help of Air Plus Travel. It shows the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism of the agency staff. I highly recommend this agency to my friends!

Glenn V.

Carson, California

Jun 17, 2017

Holy Land and Jordan Pilgrimage

Travel Period: Oct 12-21, 2017

Air Plus Travel is a very experience Company in the travel industry. The owner Emil, is a hands on individual on all the things that entails our recent tour to the Holyland. He took care of all the things involved in our trip,helped everyone to be on top of all the iteneraries that has to be taken care off. He is very approachable in dealing will all the things that come up during the check in the airport and in the different hotels during our trip. Highly recommend Airplus travel and please patronize this little Company that is doing great things for the travel industry.

Erlinda C.

Seattle, WA

Jun 5, 2017

Holy Land & Rome

Travel Period: Oct 08-15, 2016

Our trip in Holy Land & Rome was a very memorable trip we ever had. We were like one big happy family. Everyone was caring & helping one another. We we're able to walk & follow the footstep of our "Lord Jesus Christ". When we're there you can feel the presence of our Lord. Feeling that "HE" was with us watching over us all the time during the entire pilgrim.
And when we were in Rome, to see our Holy Father Pope Francis personally was a wonderful feeling. All of these will remain in our memories forever.
Thanks Air Plus Travel for that wonderful experience. Hope with GOD'S will we can do it again.
Thank You Emil for that awesome pilgrim GOD BLESS YOU!

Fe G.

Reseda, CA

April 13, 2016

Great customer service. The owner has had 30+ years of experience in the travel industry. He also offers a lot of tour packages, which I highly recommend if you want to travel somewhere new and want to see as much as possible. Air plus also offer tours to the Holy land (Rome,Israel) where you visit sites that are of importance in the bible. You get to visit the historic places that Jesus walked and ministered. (Where he was born, Calvary, etc) If you can add this on your bucket list do it! This is a very popular tour that he offers. Owner is also well traveled and can guide you in certain places if you've never been there before.

Chris P.

Long Beach, California

April 12, 2016